5 Religious Sites to Visit in Kampala


Uganda is a country of the faithfuls! No wonder it is one of the few African countries that has the highest number of martyrs who died for their faith! Would you like to take a religious tour and see some of the highlights of the country? Here are the the 5 best religious sites to visit in Kampala, the Pearl of Africa.

Visit the Bahai Temple

There are thousands of people in Uganda that practice the Bahai faith and there are only seven Bahai temples in the world. One of these temples is located on the outskirts of Kampala, on top of one of Kampala hills. You can walk through the beautiful gardens or get a short tour and information about the Bahai faith and other related information. It’s a very peaceful and serene environment with great views. Just pay a visit as long as you are in Kampala.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe

The Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe is another place of worship with a great view of the city of Kampala. Being the oldest cathedral in the city, Namirembe Cathedral is the regional cathedral of the Church of Uganda. The current building, which was constructed using bricks, is the fifth to be built, as previous structures were ruined. It is almost 100 years old and is held to be one of the most noteworthy places of worship in Africa.

Rubaga Cathedral (Saint Mary’s Cathedral)

There are many cathedrals and other places of worship in Kampala, and at least one is always included in visitors’ itinerary of things to do in Kampala. Rubaga Cathedral is located on one of Kampala’s original hills, Lubaga. It’s the base of the Catholic Church in Uganda. The Cathedral was built in the early 20th century, on land donated by the King of Buganda to missionaries and a Bishop. The views from the cathedral are amazing; the cathedral’s exterior and the building itself are very grand and well built. There’s also a statue of St. Mary in the front and a memorial to the first African Catholic bishop in Uganda.

Uganda National Mosque (the Gaddafi Mosque)

This mosque provides one of the best views of Kampala and is located on top of Kampala Hill. The building is huge and beautifully constructed with a winding staircase that brings you to the top of the prayer tower. It’s the biggest mosque in Kampala, accommodating up to 35,000 people in its main seating area, gallery and terrace. Visitors are allowed to tour and photograph the building. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi contracted to have it built and then gifted it to Uganda for use by the Muslims. The mosque was originally named after Gaddafi but was changed to Uganda National Mosque after his death.

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