Entebbe Mayor Wants Government to Subsidize Cost of Training Aviators


The Entebbe Municipality Deputy mayor, Charles Kabwama, has asked government to subsidize the cost of training aviators to address the gaps that exist in the aviation industry.

He urges that if the government prioritize subsidizing the aviation sector, this would attract potential and capable needy students to join the sector.

Speaking at the pass out ceremony of 40 students at Kubis Aviation College in Entebbe, the Entebbe Municipality Deputy Mayor, attributed the low student’s enrollment in the training aviators and appealed to government to look into this issue.

“We need to bring on board investors to support aviation students to peruse aviation courses.

The principal public relations officer a Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) Kenneth Otim, who presided over the passed out ceremony of forty students, acknowledged existing gaps in aviation safety and aviation services and urged students to enroll in these fields.

“I call up on aviation students to further their studies and also utilize the opportunities in tourism sector.

Mr. Otim, appealed to those charged with issuing air tickets to reduce its costs so as to make the aviation sector more enjoyable to air travelers.

“We have scrapped off a charge of US$7 on air tickets but this is enough.

“The enrollment in aviation schools is low because the cost is high to train an aviator. He noted the brand of an aviation college is determined by its production and that their competency can be ascertained after passing Uganda Civil Aviation exams or tests.


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