Ugandan Woman Dies On The Flight From Entebbe To UK

Sheila Mukasa

A Ugandan woman only identified as Sheila died on a BA flight from Entebbe-Uganda to UK Sunday morning. Sheila, an Uganda-UK resident who hails from Entebbe was on her way from a short holiday in Uganda when she died on flight, on the way back to UK.

The cause of death is unknown but its suspected to be a heart attack. Relatives say, Sheila boarded BA from Entebbe on Sunday without any health problems and was in a very good mood. But while aboard the flight, it`s presumed she developed some complications because other passengers saw her frequenting the toilet.

One of the passengers who was on that same flight said “At one moment she was seen coming from the loos while holding her chest,she seemed to be in much pain which prompted the air hostess to ask whether she was OK” She was transferred to a private emergency section where first aid was administered. Sadly,she died before the flight got an emergency landing.

When the flight landed in UK,her husband  Stanley Sembajwe Mukasa together with their son were waiting, to their surprise when all passengers had disembarked the flight, their loved one was no where to be seen. They went to inquire at the info desk, this is when they were informed Sheila died on flight. They watched the body being offloaded in disbelief. Authorities are still holding the body for postmortem.

May her soul Rest in Peace.


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