Uganda’s Agriculture Value Chain Development Strategy Explained

Uganda Livestock Sector

MAAIF developed the AVCDS which harmonises all intervetions that the Agriculture. The Sector and other actors in the Agro Industrialization Prgramme are pursuing in this five-year term of Government. It captures and re-states WHAT needs to be done under each value chain component.

It also defines the relevant policy strategies (the HOW) to be pursued by all actors in the Agro Industrialization Programme of NDOIII and ODM in the term government

After defining the WHAT to do, the HOW to do it, it also state the WHO to do, the what ( various programme actors) .

Implementation of this strategy is helping to hermonize all intervation in the Agricultural Sector , allocate budget resources  correctly to identify common priorities, eliminate duplication, bring about policy consistence and general archieve operational efficiencies.

Rules of the AVCDS

This strategy was designed well aware of the successes and short comings of the previous interventions. It place more emphasis on the following.

Articulation of WHAT needs to be done across the complete Agriculture Value Chains so as to achieve a value chain led strategy (from farm to markets).

Defining strategies (the HOW) that Government and other actors in the various agricultural value chains can synergistically/collectively pursue to achieve sustainable measurable impacts.

Stating and defining the various  actors (the WHO) and their roles at the different stages of the agricultural value chains for effective coordination, collaboration, and ensure optimal utilization of resources.

The AVCDS objects and planned actions were further guided by the recent directives of H.E the president on Adro-Industrialization which included the following:

Production, multiplication, certification and distribution of seed and stocking materials

  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Mechanization and Irrigation
  • Farmer Mobilization and Education

Partnerships with big commercial farmers for the production of strategic commodities to meet national and international demand.

Special Intervention/affirmative action for the fisheries sub-sectors and aquaculture development.


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