5 Simple Ways to Help You Save on Uganda Car Hire


Are you planning on undertaking a safari and thinking of hiring a car in Uganda to take you around the different destinations? Much as most tourists pay more attention on saving in the safari through booking cheaper airfares and online hotel or Lodge deal, little or no attention is placed on saving on car hire services yet it is possible and paramount during Uganda safaris. Do you believe that hiring cars in this country may turn out to be more expensive than even some budget accommodation facilities? Yeah it is possible, thus it is equally important to save on car rentals and the following are4 the possible ways you can do that;

1. Extend your car reservation

Extend your reservation to save more on your car rental. The more days you rent the car, the lower the rate becomes and interestingly, weekend rates are slightly higher than the weekday rates. Interestingly, numerous car hire companies offer higher returns even when you return the car back earlier than expected.

2. Join a loyalty program

Interestingly, loyalty programs are wonderful because you don’t have to pay anything when signing up yet they have long-term benefits. Some people see these Programs as stressing because of their cumbersome procedures in the start but as the upgrades go on, things become easier and the benefits are immense. If you are a loyal member, you will have the chances of improving or upgrading your status and just like frequent flyers enjoy the benefits that come with an airline loyalty program, be assured of enjoying such when you join a car rental loyalty program thus allowing you to save for car hire during Uganda safaris.

3. Try with different car hire companies and compare costs

Avoid just jumping to book from a particular car hire company before comparing its prices with other companies because you never know they charge relatively low prices for hiring their cars. Therefore, it is important to inquire from three to four companies and compare their prices viz a vie their terms and conditions for renting the car then make the final decision thus you will be able tpo save a lot more on car rentals during your Uganda safari.

4. Avoid the Airport

Because of the convenience that comes with it, most tourists make the grave mistake of paying relatively higher rate within airports yet you can actually save more money during the car hire by avoiding them. Therefore, you can actually give yourself more time to commute out of the vicinity of Entebbe Airport. In most cases, you will come across a number of offsite agencies that will offer you the best rates or maybe you arrange with the car rental company to pick you directly from the Airport thus you will be able to save more on your car rental during Uganda safaris.

5. Always use Coupons

It is always important to look out for deals and coupons related to car rentals prior to booking from any car hire companies in the country. They can be acquired online and the ideal part of using coupons is that you will be rewarded for more and extra in terms of discounts if you get a frequent driver.

In conclusion, you can save more during car hire in Uganda by avoiding the airport rates, using coupons, joining loyalty programs, inquiring from different car hire companies so as to compare their costs/prices and then extending your reservation days.


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