Federalism Will Set this Country


Uganda Federal Alliance presidential hopeful Beti Namisango Kamya is the only candidate in the race promising a new agenda and political chapter for the people of this country. The rest are propagating lies with the same tune of unthinkable promises which indeed has rocked this country since independence. The pro-colonial regimes have continued to rule this country under the disguise of being pro- people and yet serving the interests of colonialists such that the country today is assailed by abject poverty with only a fraction of individuals controlling wealth and our political dynamics.

A larger percentage of the population continues to suffer due to collapsed government institutions replaced by the private sector and accelerated by colonialisation factors where hitherto post colonial governments have relied on for selfish gains.

Uganda Federal Alliance urges Ugandans to invest their vote and elect UFA leadership right from village to presidential level so that together we create and be counted in the making of history and rebuilding of Uganda from a colonial built government structure to a people’s own built federal government. This way we shall all be able to enjoy a complete independence of mind and political assurance. UFA pledges to implement and fulfill a number of promises in our manifesto.

This includes the establishment of federal governments in each region to replace the present manipulative and exploitative colonial system of decentralised or local government structure where less than one out of nine of the local population in each district is employed as civil servants and without reasonable pay. Unlike the present, local governments that boosts a minority class in society and employs less than 200 personnel, the UFA regional federal governments shall expand the employment opportunity by nearly 95 percent given the ideal that the federal arrangement in each regional government shall operate as a government in its own right.

This would imply heavy investment in the service sector where areas like the police, army, tourism, civil servants, mining and industries, agro-farm production, health, among others, shall be provided at regional level. This will address the high levels of unemployment in Uganda today. UFA, shall promote regional production and markets with improved qualities in the transport sector, especially the railway to the South Sudan, DRC and Central African Republic shall be tapped.

Apart from economic competence, this strategy will have employed many able Ugandans in economic production of the country. UFA shall check on security issues through capacity enhancement of staff and proportional recruitment of personnel depending on demographic spread. Nonetheless, UFA shall increase the pay of all government civil servants including teachers. UFA shall revive the farmer’s cooperative unions to stabilise farmers’ income and ensure competitive production. Our government shall prioritise programmes and accord regions the mandate to specify needs that suit their respective setting.


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