Kamya in Tanzania on Vote Hunt


The search for votes can be a tricky process—but to imagine that a candidate could stray into a foreign country on search for votes.

That was the dilemma Ms Beti Kamya of the Uganda Federal Alliance found herself in on Tuesday while campaigning in Isingiro District.

Unsure of the geography, Ms Kamya’s convoy headed to a place called Kasese in Kashumba Sub-county but lost their way, only realising their mistake 10 kilometres into Tanzania.

And the reception in the neighbouring country was what any candidate would want. Tanzanians lined the roads, cheering the politician, who responded with the characteristic hand wave.
Had it not been for their mobile phones, the convoy would have even gone further. Some members in the group received SMS reading: “Karibu, Vodacom welcomes you to Tanzania.

It was then that the team realised their lapse and made a U-turn, going through a bushy area, finding a pastoralist who showed them the way back.

When she finally met the “right” voters in Ngarama and Buhungiro villages, Ms Kamya spoke of the need to endorse a federal system of governance.


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