Your Guide to Renting a Car in Uganda

Uganda Car Rental Guide

There are a million reasons why many travelers prefer renting a car in Uganda to public means. A road trip in Uganda allows tourists enjoy ultimate privacy, comfort and safety is guaranteed. Besides, visitor exploration isn’t limited and it is time saving- stopovers are made at iconic tourist sites whether you go self-drive or driver guided safaris.

Regardless of your travel desires, there is at least a rental car option for everyone. Are you hiring a car for business trip, self-drive or driver guided safaris? Our fleet of rental cars present different options for travelers to get around Uganda.

However, finding a rental car in Uganda that suits your travel desires can be daunting. To finally get the right car hire, there are multiple things to be put into consideration. This is why we have come up with a complete guide to renting a car in Uganda.


When looking for a car to hire in Uganda, the first thing you should do is to browse the internet. Go on Google, type the keywords such as car hire in Uganda, hire a car Uganda, car hire Uganda or directly search for the kind of the car you would like to hire for your road trip in Uganda. For instance, you can type rent 4×4 super custom, land cruiser, Toyota Rav4 etc.

The list of rental cars will be displayed on the screen and you can check among the 10 results, make comparisons on the rates from various car hire companies and even go ahead to inquire. When searching for a rental car in Uganda, we advise that you consider a reputable, reliable, trustworthy car hire company or agency to deal with. You can be certain about this by reading through the reviews from the previous clients.

Request quote

Now that you have known the Uganda car hire company to deal with and you are satisfied about it, next should be send an inquiry. Fill in all the necessary details in the contact form or send an email through the provided email on the website. Alternatively, you can make direct call to our reservation team using active contacts provided on the site.


The next step of your guide to renting a car in Uganda should be negotiation and this is after your request has been received by the reservation team. This is the moment you will be bargaining for the final rate. Hiring a car in Uganda for many days attract discount offers unlike when you hire it for fewer days. After you have concluded on the final price, you will be sent an invoice with long list of all details, bank account for you to make a deposit.


Every car hire company has specific percentage that visitors should make deposit in order to have their preferred rental car booked. This usually ranges from 30% to 50% and the balance will be cleared on the day you arrive into Uganda. The balance should be cleared prior handing over the car keys to you.

Confirm booking 

Now that you have paid the requested deposit via the details provided to you, we shall send to you stamped and signed receipt confirming that your vehicle is booked.

In summary, renting a car in Uganda for your safaris- self-drive or driver guided tour is generally a strenuous process and requires patience. To book the best rental car deal, you require adequate time and with our step to step guide to renting a car in Uganda, we believe you won’t have


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