5 Benefits of Renting a Vehicle for Your Safari in Uganda


In case you are planning a safari to Uganda, you will find that owning a vehicle is not that a better idea as there are so many transport models that are running in and out of Kampala city centre. They range from motor cycles, four door sedans to big cars like buses or coasters that take travelers at pocket friendly prices. Local residents and foreign visitors hire vehicles for many reasons some of which include sight seeing tours, business safaris, family holiday, city tours, picnic, special ceremonies and many more. There are many car rental services in Uganda and in most cases visitors may find it challenging to even make the right choice on which company to deal with. However, each car hire services have its advantages and disadvantages but for now we have sighted some of the advantages of renting a car for a safari in Uganda as explained below.

Wide range of car hire options

Most car hire agencies provide varied kinds and models of vehicles to visitors giving them several options to select the best choice which suits within their travel interest and budget. Due to this, travelers can save themselves from being stranded with one vehicle and with dissatisfied travel journeys. For visitors who planning their family tours in Uganda, instead of squeezing yourselves in small car they can opt for the bigger sized safari vehicle that can accommodate all the family members at once. We have options ranging from 4 wheel drive safari vehicles with pop up roofs, roof top tents, air conditioners and many more.

Never maintain costs

This will help save you from wearing out your own car while on business safari in Uganda and thus reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs incase you opted for your own car. Some car rental agencies hire out cars with comprehensive insurance and this means that any big damages that comes due to road accidents, they can be covered.

Drive newer types of cars

Hiring a car gives you a chance to drive that latest model that you do not need to buy in order to drive it. There are several new models of vehicles that you may not necessarily buy but can hire and take a safari and you save a lot more of money and time and allow you meet your travel interest whether for business or safari trip.

Free break down services

In case of a breakdown or minor accident on road, there is no need for traveler to doubt or worry about anything as car company covers this. The car hire company can send a mechanic or replacement and you still continue to destination of your choice at no additional costs unlike your own car that you may have to park and stay for many years for you to attend and you fail to meet your dreams in Uganda.

Rent a car with driver

Clients can hire a vehicle with or with no driver but if you feel like visiting newer destinations that you are not familiar, a driver can also be hired at a pocket friendly price and you will have the most comfortable and convenient safari in Uganda. Drivers are aware of the routes that where most of the national parks in Uganda are located and they are also aware of the shortest routes to follow as well as which places to make a stopover and at end of the day you will have the most exciting safari. Besides most of them are trained and they can fix some minor mechanical problems rather than again you bothering yourself.

The other benefit is that car rental services come with additional equipments like GPS and there are some special offers t hat are given to clients in most case.

In conclusion, renting a car for a safari in Uganda comes with lots of benefits that travelers enjoy depending on reason of visitor’s travel in the destination. With our wide range of cars for hire we believe that you will have the most enjoyable safari holiday in Uganda. Our fleets range from Mini Vans, family cars, coaster buses, Rav4 self drive cars, saloon cars, Super customs to 4 by 4 land cruisers Contact us and you won’t regret in life!



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