Go Camping in Uganda

Camping in Uganda

A car rental and camping gears is ultimately a perfect way for you to get the best of your inspirational road trip in Uganda. Whether you are a first-time traveler or an experienced camper, everyone deserves to experience something new/unique from the usual while on a holiday and that is why we get you the best selection of our comfortable car rental and quality camping gears that will make your camping tour in Uganda a memorable one.

Our fleet of car hire in Uganda include 4×4 Toyota Rav4, rooftop tent Land Cruisers, Land Cruisers Hardtop, super customs, coaster buses, Land Cruiser Prado TX, Safari Land Cruiser, Minivans to mention but a few. Whether you’re a die-hard camping fan, looking for a low-cost break, or reliving childhood memories, camping is a great way to get outdoors and spend quality time with friends, family, or on your own.

Why people love camping

Many people love camping because of the excitement, entertainment, and opportunities for growth it presents. Others love it because of the exhilaration derived from sleeping outdoors, watching the sky at night, making campfires, and enjoying the cool breeze that is associated with natural settings.

Camping involves several activities that include hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, riding bicycles, fishing, and climbing. Camping appeals to many people because of the variety it provides with regard to the activities that they can do. In many cultures, camping is a cultural concept that brings people together and strengthens their relationships by taking part in certain activities that encourage bonding.


Peace and Quiet

Unplug and enjoy the simplicity of nature. Forget charging your smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, and instead recharge your own batteries. Your body and mind will thank you for it and you will return to work refreshed and energised. Turn off the internet, the emails and even the news. All you need is one charged phone for emergencies, kept turned off and packed away.

More Exercise

Camping requires more physical exercise to gather, prepare and store food, get around a campsite and manage your shelter effectively. Go further by adding fishing, swimming, walking or bike riding into the mix and kick cardiovascular benefits and calorie burning off the charts.

Reduced Stress

One of the important health benefits of camping is that it reduces stress by removing common triggers like work pressure, traffic and the rush of city life, replacing them with the calming effect of bird song, the sound of waves crashing on the beach and the wind in the trees. The real thing is much more therapeutic than anything you’ll find on your MP3.

Better relationships

Do you sometimes feel like you never talk to your family and, when you look around you, everyone’s on a device of some sort? Being in close proximity to loved ones or good friends, without the interference of modern devices like smartphones and tablets can let you communicate more directly and give and receive eye contact. Having to depend on each other to prepare food and look after your campsite builds camaraderie, a sense of community and shared purpose that adds to your well being.

Improved memory

When you’re out camping and surrounded by trees and fresh air, your body releases higher levels of serotonin, a naturally-produced neurotransmitter that helps regulate your mood, appetite, and sleep. Serotonin also improves cognitive functions such as memory and learning.


When you go camping, don’t forget to turn off your cell phone. Leave the tablet and the laptop computer at home. Try to disconnect for a few days and enjoy the simplicity of the natural experience. This isn’t just a general tip to help you enjoy the experience; if you’re willing to enjoy your surroundings without any outside distractions, you could increase your lifespan.

New Challenges

No two camping trips are exactly the same, and that’s a good thing. It shows that new experiences help to keep brains healthy. New activities that are both physically and intellectually stimulating have the greatest effect on brain health, and camping fits both of these criteria.

Better sleep

Melatonin is a natural hormone helps control your sleep and wake cycles. When you’re stuck in an office for long periods, working in artificial light, your melatonin levels can be suppressed by the blue light in artificial sources like incandescent bulbs. Camping outside exposes you to melatonin-friendly yellow light, which can help you achieve a more natural alignment of the sleep-wake cycle with sunrise and sunset.

Vitamin D boost

Being outside, your body absorbs huge quantities of sunlight. The sun provides a healthy outdoor glow to the skin, and internally the body uses it to synthesise Vitamin D which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, two minerals essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Develop Life Skills

Camping requires you to rely on yourself and your companions to meet your basic needs–purify water, build a fire, survive the elements, be alone with your thoughts. But these are more than just survival skills; these abilities give you confidence and self-worth that carries over into all other aspects of your life. It just takes a little effort and guidance, and you’ll be setting up tents in no time!


Camping is a wonderful experience for almost anyone. You can connect with the natural world and also connect with yourself in a way that is not possible in the everyday world. You can do a lot while camping, so you might need these tips in order to create the best experience.


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