Exploring Uganda with a Self Drive Rental Car


Uganda is often called the pearl of Africa due to the very many incredible features it houses. From the endangered gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to savanna parks teemed with roaming lions, there is a lot to see in Uganda. Many travelers from all over the world travel to Uganda to explore its incredible features. There are lots of options for travelers to enjoy traveling this amazing country.

Though guided safaris are the main way to experience this beautiful evergreen country, self drive safaris are also possible and with existence of several car rental agencies, which offer cheap car hire in Uganda. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to explore Uganda, why not a car and take a road trip?

When you mention Uganda many people’s mind rush to the rare endangered species mountain gorillas, as there are only 880 individuals left in the world and Uganda is known as the leading mountain gorilla destination in the world housing over 480 individuals and the majority live in Uganda’s most visited destination; Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. The rest remnant mountain gorilla population live in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With a rental car from Uganda, you can still cross over to these neighboring countries.

Meeting the gorillas of Uganda in these two incredible national parks is a walk over! The park is located in the south western part of Uganda in just a drive of about 7-9 hours on a clear weather condition with stopovers at any interesting spot like you can decide to have a stopover at the equator crossing for photography and snack taking, you can as well stop at Mpambire a local drum making place ,if interested you can buy yourself the locally made items, in your convenient time, drive to Mbarara for lunch, with good views and interesting landscape and rolling green hills you will continue up to the park.

The following day you will head to the forest to be among the few sharing the love of gorillas in their natural habitat, this is the most interesting adventurous activity done on earth. This is just a few on what you can enjoy on a Uganda safari if you’re in yourself drive car, you can decide to go for a game drive in Uganda’s breathtaking parks offering rare animals like the Queen Elizabeth national for opportunity to catch up with the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha area of the park, but other games like elephant, buffaloes, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthogs, among other others can be clearly seen in our land cruiser, Nissan patrol, van with pop up tops, you can still explore other parks all with unique features like Murchison falls N.P , lake Mburo N.P, Kibale forest national park and Kidepo valley national park which was recently –named as one of Uganda’s best safari destinations with very many untouched unique features waiting for you to explore, its located in the remote northern part of Uganda but with the courtesy of our good and comfortable cars you can still reach is part of Uganda with a lot easy. Why not cultural encounter with the local people, it’s really a very interesting activity leaning more about the life style of the African people.

Depending on the number of days you have in Uganda, still you can enjoy another adventurous activity at the source of the Nile which is the world’s longest river; enjoy rafting on the Nile or bungee jumping. The Nile is located at Jinja in the eastern part of Uganda. Doesn’t live Uganda without a city tour, indeed these and many other interesting places can be reached with a car hire either self-drive or with a driver from our car hire Uganda service. Rush and book with us one of our comfortable cars of any type.


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