Uganda Is the Most Ethnically Mixed Country On Earth


A new scientific study shows that Uganda is the most ethnically mixed country on planet earth.

The study carried out by academics at Harvard University’s Institute for Economic Research puts Uganda on top of the list of countries that are racially diverse.

Uganda has more than 40 different indigenous ethnic groups, including the Baganda, Iteso, Basoga and Banyankore – all of which have their own languages, cultures and customs.

The researchers are reported to have spent a painstaking 11 years studying 650 different ethnic groups across 190 countries and Uganda emerged on top.

Europe was revealed as the least ethnically diverse continent on the planet, with the UK and France as two of the most.

However, South Korea was last on list after being classed as the world’s most homogenous nation.

The research shows that Africa is the world’s most racially diverse continent. The top 20 most diverse nations in the world are all in Africa.

Using data from sources including national censuses, Encyclopedia Brittanica, the CIA, Minority Rights Group International and a 1998 study called ‘Ethnic Groups Worldwide’, scientists gave each country.

Using that data, they worked out an ‘ethnicity rating’ for each country based on the question: If you picked two people at random in any nation and asked them their ethnicity, what are the chances that they would give a different answer?


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