Assessing Emyooga Performance; State House Monitoring Unit Tours Busoga Region


The Eyooga monitoring unit under president’s office led by the National Coordinator of Emyooga program Ritah Namuwenge is currently on National monitoring to assess the performance of Emyooga.

The unit has started with Busoga region and is pleased with performance of Emyooga in this region despite some challenges sighted out.

Government introduced Emyooga program as one of the measures to enable low income earners change their livelihood,
This money was given in sacco and people received money through their respective saccos however some misused the money.

It is on this note the state house monitoring unit led by National coordinator has started touring all regions to assess Emyooga performance,
Busoga is the region the committee has started with to find out whether money under effective usage.

In Kamuli district at Namwendwa Parish Carpentry’s Association they received nine million and according to the secretary of the Sacco they managed to pay back all the money and now they are in profits


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