Bebe Cool Composes Song for Museveni

Bebe Cool

As we prepare for the Life of Bebe Cool concert scheduled for 5th August at Kampala Serena Hotel, Bebe Cool expresses his pride in unloading more music in the music industry following his double release of ‘Ki Ekiganye’ and ‘Taata’.

One of the songs released ‘Taata’, is Bebe Cool’s special for the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In the song he calls upon president Museveni to immediately start tackling the basic issues of Ugandans how ever much he’s done good because its hard for people to see the exceptional if the immediate to them is bad. Talking about the bad, the singer highlights the poor state of taxes, rent, jobs and Medical facilities.

During the previous presidential campaigns, Bebe Cool reveals he traveled over 90% of the country which was a good opportunity for them to notice issues that need serious and immediate attention then come back and push for them.

Bebe Cool says he can’t say everything at once through his music but can keep airing issues in bits as he releases more songs.

Despite the humble words, fans don’t seem to show any sign of relief from the disappointment they faced months ago which isn’t a worry to the singer because he claims he can’t fail to get at least 1500 people out of the 5 Million people who voted for president Museveni to fill up Serena Hotel come his concert day.


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