Uganda Police Raid Mbabazi Home & Office: Over 30 Arrested


Uganda Police Force has raided home and offices of independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi today morning and arrested over 30 people.

Go Forward Spokesperson Josephine Mayanja Nkangi tweeted that Police randomly arrested over 30 people at Plot 29, Nakasero where Mbabazi offices are located.

“30 male supporters randomly ‘arrested’ by Uganda Police Force Flying Squad. Plot 29 #GoForward offices #Gestapo #PandaGari #UgandaDecides @UgandaEc,” she tweeted.

About two hours ago, she tweeted that police arrested three guests at Mbabazi residence in Kololo.

“Frank Kabali, Eriya Mayinja, Abdul Kasaija guests of @AmamaMbabazi picked up outside residence @ 9.20am by VCCU #PandaGari #UgandaDecides.”

The arrests come at the backdrop of warning from president Museveni to Mbabazi supporters who whipped his party supporters in Ntungamo recently.

Addressing journalists at Mbale State lodge, he said; “If you go and put your finger in the anus of a leopard. You are in trouble, you are in trouble. Ho! Ho! I cannot believe how people could do so. NRM?, you attack NRM people in Uganda here? If it is in South Sudan or Kenya, yes we may have some problems. But in Uganda here? Where do you go? Where do you go?!”

He added; “the thugs are being rounded up, they have been arrested. They will pay very dearly. You don’t attack; you have no right even to point a finger at me. Am here, I am a Ugandan, I am a free person – you come and attack me like that. There are even some I saw beating our people with clubs, Hooo! He will regret.”


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