Bobi Wine Releases Ghetto Nazigala


Ghetto President Bobi Wine has once again released a pure Edutainment song titled Ghetto Nazigala. Following so much criticism from both his friends and enemies on issues relating to the Ghetto President’s unstoppable appetite for weed/Ganja (Sada), Bobi Wine is now determined to do his best to save Ugandans from the evils brought by weed/Ganja. Ghetto Nazigala is a remix of Late Paul Kafeero’s Dipo Nazigala and was released at the start of this week.

In Ghetto Nazigala, Bobi Wine confesses to have been a Ganja addict and now working on his total rehabilitation. He goes on to advise his young brothers Banjoman and Mickie Wine plus all the Ghetto youths to quit smoking weed because it’s so dangerous to their lives and the entire society. Even though Ghetto Nazigala is a repeat of the late Golden Boy of Africa aka Prince Paul Job Kafeero’s Dipo Nzigala, Mr. Badman from Kamwokya tried his best to fit in the original version track. I do not have enough words to explain the real feeling in this remix but you can too listen to Ghetto Nazigala on this same website.

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