Batabazi a Ugandan force in Boston


You’ve probably heard their music on the radio and wondered who the extremely talented voices belong to. They have done collaborations with most of Uganda’s major stars including Jackie of Blu3, Navio, Rabadaba and Ragga Dee. Exposed Uganda now proudly gives you the complete profile of the five talented artistes.

The group is called Batabazi and started making music in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The name Batabazi was chosen because the members wanted something that symbolize who they are as individuals, the movement they stand for as a whole and appeal to both the Ugandan and non-Ugandan crowd. The word “Batabazi” is a Luganda word from the phrase “okutabaala” which means to wander or move from place to place.  Batabazi is comprised of five individuals, PG, Jerome Black, Tasha, Gera and Mayor. PG, Jerome Black, Tasha and Gera are the performers who sing and rap and Mayor is the producer in the group. Batabazi’s roots are hip hop but are very versatile given the dynamics of the group and have recently done music in R&B and Reggae They are managed by BaSe Entertainment who are also based in Boston and they are promoted by in Africa by Talent256. They are currently working on a full Album, however before that they will be releasing a 6-track EP called “Set it Off” in December 2010 in Uganda.

Recent & upcoming projects:

* Dirty Shame featuring Jackie Chandiru of Blu3

* Uganda Nka Remix featuring Rabadaba, Navio & Ragga Dee

* Sweep – (Ragga Dee’s track that Batabazi featured on)

* Buuka – video is coming up soon

* Set it Off – video is coming up soon

* Recorded songs at Swangz Avenue & Goodenuff Studios recently

* Involved in charity, Kigalama Children’s Initiative in Mityana –   collecting money to build water cisterns to provide clean water to families in Kigalama. Recently held a charity concert that raised enough money to build three water cisterns

* Recently returned from a tour in Uganda. They performed in  Kampala and Jinja and will be returning in December for another tour that will have them go as far as Arua for performances

* Will be releasing their 6-track EP – “Set it Off” in December



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