Exposed Uganda’s Ekiggunda UK is back On


The biggest and one of most attended concerts in the UK, the Ekiggunda UK is back, bigger and better, ready to rock the Ugandan Community in the queen’s land. After a successful show last year codenamed the ‘Big Bang Ekiggunda UK’, lots of other promoters in UK have tried imitating the same title for their concerts.

But the pioneers are back this year again in full swing for the 2ND annual official Ekiggunda UK, sponsored by Salabed. This year’s concert is slated for September 1st, 2012 at the Coliseum Suite Ilford, where countless Ugandan artistes both based home and UK shall perform, including singer Jamal Wasswa.

We are told all women in UK can’t wait to sing along to his platinum song ‘Bakyala bazira’ hit, which promotes confidence amongst all women in the world and praises women’s heroism. Since it’s a massive concert, the promoters have also lined up Jackie Chandiru and Cindy Sanyu the former Blu3 singers, who have successful solo careers but will reunite for their fan and will share the stage once again at the unprecedented Ekiggunda UK concert.

This is because most people in UK fell in love with the Blu3 on their last UK tour back in 2004 and have been yearning for them ever since. The concert shall be beefed up by the most sought after artistes in the UK  including the No.1 Ugandan band Galaxy. Exposed Uganda entertainment UK promises to present Ekiggunda UK every September of the year, making it bigger and bigger till it reaches Wembley stadium.



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