Qute Kaye Arrested for Stealing Car Headlights


The faded Singer Qute Kaye has been reportedly caught stealing headlights from a car in Busega, Lubaga Division in Kampala. It is reported that Kaye was arrested in the wee hours of morning after residents made an alarm, attracting crowds that spotted him.

The residents saw Kaye unscrewing car lights in Busega, a city Surburb. Following the arrest his family has spoken out. Kaye was arrested and charged with vandalism at Nateete Police station.

After this horrible incidence, the singer’s family that currently lives abroad has refuted claims that they abandoned him but rather helped him in all ways, even attempted to take him abroad but he refused because he wanted to focus on his music.

Kaye broke onto the music scene in 2007, with his first album Ginkese, which took the airwaves and nightclubs by storm. However, for some time he has been off the music scene. Since then Kaye’s life has been one that no person would wish for.

Last year, he was seen at Pastor Kayanja’s Miracle Center Cathedral giving his life to Jesus! He joined the church choir for a few weeks and it has been reported that he disappeared from the choir. It is said that Pastor Robert Kayanja offered him a house that he abandoned and a car he sold the car at only UGX1m before going back to the “dark days”!

His family has also revealed that the singer is still using drugs and it seems that is the reason why has resorted to stealing.


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