Best Road Trip Destinations in Uganda on a Budget


family road tripUganda presents some of the world’s unequalled road trips, coupled with fine sceneries of scattered savannah vegetation, compact tropical rain forests, overhanging hills and jagged mountains, gentle valleys, and amazing people.

A road trip in Uganda is not complete if you don’t use the best car, a 4WD land cruiser has all the qualities to achieve your safari needs on the bumpy roads of the “Pearl of Africa”.

Discover Murchison falls national park from Kampala. The stretch from Kampala to Murchison falls national park is a wonder to admire. The journey itself is one of the longest but also the shortest because you will get lost into its natural beauty and wilderness.  Discover Nakasongola’s undulating highlands which are bare, dotted with very rare and special plant life.

The small bustling towns of Luwero, Kafu, Migyera will present to you a chance to test on Uganda’s fresh organic fruits to quench your travel thirst before immersing into the unimaginable views of River Kafu.  The soft spoken River Kafu is Uganda’s ancient water way located just miles away to Murchison falls national park. Now filled with swamps and water hyacinth, River Kafu is still a habitat for several flora and fauna species, notably the swamp dweller, Sitatunga which is famous for sport hunting in this region.

Ziwa Rhino and wildlife sanctuary: This is a rhino ranch that can be visited enroute to the Murchison falls national park. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary protects Uganda’s only wild rhinos and is found in the north of Kampala near the famous Murchison Falls. In total, the sanctuary now is home to 18 rhinos but is also a fantastic place to see other wildlife including birds and engaging in variety of activities such as canoeing, nature walks and bird watching.

A trip to Kidepo valley national park is another wonder filled journey to explore Uganda’s and Africa’s finest wilderness and scenic mountains. View the Pian-Upe game reserve and legendary Nyero Rock paintings located just adjacent to the Kampala-Kidepo highway.

Kidepo national park boasts a rich biodiversity and stunning scenery. From Apoka, in the heart of this wilderness park, an undulating savanna landscape that stretches in all directions, disappearing into the horizon marked by distant mountain ranges.

Kidepo national park experiences a semi-arid climate with just one rainy season throughout a year (April-September). The southern part of the park, the Narus river valley receives about 890mm of rain per year and the northern part in Kidepo valley receives just 635mm of rain per year.

Enjoy Kidepo national park’s notable wildlife including the Big 4, and the rarest cheetah, ostrich, spotted hyena and a variety of birdlife. Other animals include large herds of Buffaloes, elephants, antelopes and Giraffes, intertwined with marvelous culture of the Karamojong people which is one of the unspoilt culture in the world.

Lake Mburo national park is a remarkable destination in Uganda to explore on a road trip. Hinged on the Ankole – Tanzania plains, this park is the smallest savannah conservation area in Uganda and also the nearest and most accessible park with varied fauna and verdant flora.

Lake Mburo national park is a habitat to numerous game species, birds and verdant plant life; with the introduction of giraffes, the park boasts a rich animal diversity including; largest number of zebras in Uganda, the largest eland antelope in the world, countless number of impalas, oribi, herds of buffalos, hippos, water buck, reedbuck, leopard, and spotted hyenas.

The park also is a haven to many endangered bird species including the rare cichlid fish species and other 350 species of birds that inhabit this park.

A road trip to Lake Mburo national park will also avail chances for you to view over 22 species of palaearctic and the afro tropical migrant birds in the adverse conditions in the wooded savannah with the acacia thicket and the grasslands.


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