19 Bodies Brought to Mulago City Mortuary


Over 19 bodies have been brought and taken to Mulago city mortuary Sunday morning where relatives ,friends and family of the deceased have  been identifying  there loved ones. This was after last Fridays fatal accident when two buses belonging to two Ugandan bus companies were involved in a head-on collision at Arapi village, Pageri in Payam, 28 kilometers from the Uganda border in southern Sudan. Maurice Ochol has that report.

It was a sober mood at Mulago city mortuary as different families and friends came to identify the bodies of there loved ones after the fatal accident that happened on friday.


According to police over 19 bodies were brought in Sunday morning with with a cargo truck owned by the Bakulu transit vehicles.

Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba stressed that government and police was handling the situation. One of the directors of the coaches argued that one of the bus drivers wasn’t drunk as earlier reported, but noted that this could be due to the speed that they were using.

Several cars kept on coming in as others took the might that  were around. Meanwhile one of the chairpersons  of the National Bus drivers Association argued that the buses needed more man power. He says one bus shd be having 2 drivers, this cd a void this kind of accidents.


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