30 Ugandan Girls Rescued in Saudi Arabia


Amb. Abbey Walusimbi ordered for an immediate repatriation of 30 Ugandan girls stranded in the Middle East (PHOTO /Courtesy)
RIYADH —Over 30 Ugandan girls, who had gone for Kyeyo in Saudi Arabia, have been rescued after their cries for help were heeded to by the Office of the Senior Advisor on Diaspora Affairs.

Thousands of Ugandan migrant workers are working in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, mainly as domestic workers and security guards.
Upon arrival, many looked relieved to be home, despite evident signs of stress.
The Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi who recently returned home following a fruitful first leg tour in the Gulf region instructed the heads of the shelters, where the girls with genuine challenges spent sometime to have them processed and return home with immediate effect.

He was in the Gulf Region for the familiarising himself with the dynamics of the living and working conditions of Ugandan Migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.
Before Ambassador Walusimbi left for Saudi Arabia, held a meeting with Amb. Jamal Mohammed Hassan AlMadani of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Uganda were they discussed several ways through which labor externalization can be streamlined for the benefit of both countries.
He alongside the Presidential Advisor -Political Affairs, Mary Kawuma met and interacted with more than 500 distressed migrant workers, who shared stories behind their plight.
Juliet Nabbanja is one of the girls that was rescued by Amb. Walusimbi, she had been ill-treated by her female employer exposing her to life threatening chemicals and deliberately infecting her with Covid 19 before running for her dear life.


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