Archbishop Kaziimba Calls For Mindset Change

President Janaan Luwum Day

LALOGI – OMORO: The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Most Rev Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu has today concluded his four days official pastoral visit in the Diocese of Northern Uganda with a call for mindset change and proper land use.

Archbishop Kaziimba who arrived in the Diocese on Friday 20th January 2023 evening and ended today with a Service in Omoro District asked Christians to desist from donor dependency and negative attitude to farming.

“It’s very unfortunate that Northern Uganda went through war which claimed lives and property. But we have to move on. Forget the past and focus on the future. We can’t keep depending on donors for ever. We need to change our mindset towards work and use the land we have meaningfully to generate income and support our families.” Archbishop Kaziimba said.

On Saturday, the Archbishop led Service at St John’s Church of Uganda in Pabbo, Amuru District where he dedicated three ambulances donated to community, two by Hon. Gilbert Olanya (Kilak South) and one by Hon Anthony Akol (Kilak North). On Sunday, he led Service at St Andrew’s Church of Uganda in Anaka Town Council, Nwoya District.

On Monday, he led Service at St. Phillip’s Cathedral in Gulu City and concluded with today’s Service at St. James Church of Uganda in Lalogi, Omoro District.

The Archbishop, during his visit, commissioned Jubilee Plaza in the heart of Gulu City, a project of the Diocese to generate revenue for retired Church ministers and to supplement the existing income streams for self sustainability. The building is currently being rented by Bible Society of Uganda and Letshego Uganda.

He also commissioned the house of the Parish Priest of Musalaba Parish, a newly constructed Church at Pabit and visited St Janani Luwuum Vocational Institute which he commended for equipping students with practical skills to generate income.

On Monday, he paid a courtesy visit to Gulu University and made a brief prayer stopover at St. Paul’s Chapel which is being constructed by the Diocese in partnership with the University.

Before today’s Service, Archbishop Kaziimba paid a prayer courtesy visit to Mzee Nathan L’okori, the father of the Late Rt. Hon Jacob Oulanyah in his home in Ayom Lony, Lologi in Omoro District.

The host Bishop, Rt Rev Godfrey Loum decried the high rate of gender based violence cases and land grabbing.

“We have seen a rise in gender based violence among men and women with some resulting into killing each other. There are also cases of suicide among men and women in this region which is worrying for us as a Church.” Bishop Loum said.

He added, “Church land that was donated by our grandparents is now being taken away by the current generation, some even say they were not consulted-even when they were not yet born.”

Area members of Parliament led by the Chairperson Organizing Committee, Hon Achan Judith Peace (Nwoya District), Hon Catherine Lamwaka (Omoro District), Hon. Tonny Awany (Nwoya County), Hon. Wokorach Simon Peter (Aswa Constituency) and Hon. Betty Achan (Gulu City) welcomed the Archbishop.

He was also welcomed by Lt General. Charles Otema Awany, the Commander of UPDF’s Reserve Force among many other dignitaries.

The Archbishop concluded his Pastoral visit in the Diocese of Northern Uganda with a visit to Bishop Godfrey and Mama Aida Loum’s retirement home in Omoro District.



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