How to travel on a budget in Uganda

budget travel

If you are a fan of adventure expeditions in Uganda which could be camping, hiking, game viewing, or nature trekking, you are required to consolidate a certain budget to be able to have a remarkable trip.

You need money for car rental, air ticket, accommodation, meals, travel insurance, and other essentials and all these put together can take up a huge amount.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider these money-saving tips when traveling in Uganda:

Be frugal when purchasing safari gears

If you are planning to have a safari in Uganda and need travel items, be wise about your purchasing choices. First, ask your tour operator what is included in the tour package and buy the items that are not offered.  Also, you should know the kind of weather to encounter in Uganda during your safari trip so that you buy items based on it.  This will help you save a lot of money as you won’t waste it on things that the tour operator may not need or already provide.

Choose a cheaper destination

If you are traveling on a fixed budget, choose destinations with affordable rates. Also, the activities to be enjoyed at the place must be at reasonable prices. For instance, if you wish to visit a national park in Uganda, going to Murchison National Park for game viewing is advisable as opposed to Bwindi Impenetrable which has a pricy activity in gorilla trekking. When you smartly choose a destination, you are highly likely to save lots of money.

Consider camping

Camping in the jungles of Uganda is not only exciting and adventurous but also cost-effective. Decent lodges within the national park range from 50$ and more whereas you can go camping for as low as 20$ (including the campsite and tent fees). For great convenience and safety, hire a car with a rooftop tent camping in Uganda. All you need to do is contact the rental agency to arrange your booking.

Drive yourself

Instead of booking an all-inclusive safari package, rent a vehicle from a car rental company in Uganda to drive yourself. You will have beaten the costs of the driver and the commission normally added to the quote. Self-drive safari permits you to take control of your budget, you will know how much to spend on fuel, meals, and accommodation.

Split expenses with your pals

This is a good alternative to lower your expenses while traveling in Uganda. From accommodation, meals, and transport costs, split expenses among you and your colleagues. The larger the group of people, the less the expenses incurred individually.

Do you wish to travel to Uganda on your next vacation and you have limited funds? Follow the tips explained above. You won’t regret it at any one time.



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