Headteachers Of Seed Schools Ask For More Investment


Government in 2018/19 financial year launched inter-governmental, fiscal transfer programme which is being handled in three phases to construct 259 seed schools, 117 schools in the first phase, 115 schools in the second phase and 27 in the third phase.
The program aims at increasing capitation grants to schools and provides resources under the wage budget to recruit staff in understaffed districts.

Ubc tv team followed up on this project to assess the state and strides taken in achieving the goals of the project.

Under the seed schools capitation grants program, One of the schools that were commissioned in 2022 is kagwara seed secondary school in serere district, and Agali seed secondary school in Lira district to help low income earners have access to secondary school education.

Some of the students from Agali secondary school say the school fees are affordable.
The Member of Parliament Erute South Johnathan Odur says the school has good laboratory facilities and appreciate government for implementing the policy of having a secondary school in each sub county.


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