UNEB: Lack of Funds Delays Marking S6 Exams

Fagil Mandy and Jessica Alupo

Ministry of Education has not yet acquired Shs9.6b needed for the marking of P7, S4 and S6 examinations.

The marking of senior six exams which was slated to take place on January 2 has been missed dragging the body behind schedule by at least two weeks.

The Permanent Secretary in the Finance Ministry, Keith Muhakanizi says, the ministry might release Shs6.6b to the body this week.

However, the publicist of Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Hamis Kaheru says there is no money.

Although, S6 exams missed days to start the marking process, S4 and P7 exams have already been marked but wait tallying.

Initially, UNEB had planned to release P7 results on January 16 and S4 results by end of January; however, Mr Kaheru says that might change.

“We have to cater for the accommodation of the examiners, their transport and other bills,” Mr Kaheru said, adding, “I cannot say we shall release the results next week. It is not possible.”

The Minister of Education Jessica Alupo had promised that by December 30, the government will have released the money to the body.


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