Interforces Games Kick Off


Inter-forces games are annual events that bring all armed forces together to participate in various sports disciplines. These sports invents include the most popular amongst forces-shooting as well as football, volleyball, netball, handball, darts, and athletics for both men and women categories.
The competitions are scheduled to take place between 4th and 9th May 2015 Kigo Prisons for shooting, 11th to 16th May at Makerere University for ball games and darts, and, 13th May for athletics at Namboole. The participating forces include Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), Uganda Police Force (UPF), and Uganda Prisons Services (UPS). Generally, about 1000 participants have arrived for the events.
For the second time, these games will be hosted by UWA. They are organised by Inter-forces Games and Cultural Committee (IGCC), composed of technical sports planning officers from UPDF, UWA, UPF, and UPS. UWA and IGCC shall work closely with sports federations and associations.
Historically, the forces have been the main national catchment area of sportsmen and women. The 12th edition is therefore aimed at furthering this noble responsibility of identifying and promoting sports talents in the forces.

In addition to promotion of sports talents, these games act as another way for forces to strengthen the partnership and collaboration in maintaining peace and security of the country. The games also bring the forces closer to the public and corporate organization through partnerships and corporate social responsibility activities.
The 12th edition is an opportunity for UWA to continue building our brand as the leading wildlife conservation agency in Africa. Through association with other forces, the corporate world and the general public, hosting the games will help Ugandans appreciate UWA’s mandate to ensure security for wildlife and tourists in Protected Areas.
With the ever-growing number of world’s enthusiasts in sports, most corporate organizations including UWA, have recognized the role sports in marketing various products/services and promoting organizations public relations.
UWA has been successfully participating in various national sports events since 2005. We have participated in the eight editions of Inter-forces games and seven editions of MTN Kampala Marathon, our own Inter-Conservation Area games. UWA’s athletes have represented Uganda at various international sports competitions, including Glasgow’s London Commonwealth games where our own Kipsiro and Nanyondo returned with medals.
The 12th edition is expected to be led by brass band through Kampala streets in a Route Match from Kampala Railways to Makerere University on Monday 11th May,2015.
This 2015 edition is the second chance for UWA to host. UWA last hosted in 2010 at Namboole stadium.. The new innovations UWA will usher in as a host will include the following:

1. It will be the first time to establish the rules and regulations of interforces games.

2. The planned signing of the sports MoU between the four forces will be a big milestone for the interforces, and indeed will give an opening to the establishment of other agreements in other sports areas of cooperation.

3. The opening of interforces website (, facebook, and twitter and Youtube accounts will uplift the popularity and standards of the games and cooperation of forces.

4. The planned corporate social responsibility event (cleaning in Kivulu Kikoni) will give a new look in the ‘eyes’ of the general public towards inter-forces games. The same will be replicated in future editions.

5. Hosting at Makerere University in itself is expected to cause a high turn-up of spectators.

6. We plan to launch UWA’s Sports Policy at the opening ceremony. Once all forces have sports policies, it will be easy to strengthen collaboration in sports.

As a host of the 2015 games, UWA would like to call upon the corporate world and the general public to support and watch these games which are free of charge at all venues.

The theme of the 12th edition is ‘Enhancing Wildlife Conservation and Security through Sports’. The theme was carefully chosen in recognition of ability of sports to bring people of all categories together to speak one language. Illegal trade and poaching are serious, and we want to be serious about it. Sports has one language that brings all people together, potential criminals and the innocent, and we can use sports to make contacts and obtain partnerships that can enhance our efforts towards conservation.


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