Kampala: Weather Experts Warn Residents About Floods, As Rains Persist.


The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has warned members of the public to brace for more rains and floods in these coming months.

“Heavy rains with lightenings and thunders are expected to prevail over most parts of the country within the next five days. These rains are expected to bring about flooding especially in the urban areas and low lying areas , mudslides in the mountainous areas and lightening strikes coupled with strong winds,” Paul Isabirye, said the UNMA acting Executive Director.

A number of areas in Kampala have always flooded after heavy rains and if the warning by the Uganda National Meteorological Authority is to go by, residents in Uganda’s capital should brace for the worst.

According to the weather experts, the current rains are the peak seasons for September, October, November and December rainy season for this year which is attributed to the rain-belt which is over Uganda.

They said the rain is also attributed to the moist winds blowing from the Indian Ocean and the Congo forests.

“Please take note that Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 October are expected to have even more rainfall within this forecast period.”

According to UNMA, areas most likely to be affected are those found in the Southern and Western regions, particularly Kigezi highlands, Rwenzori mountain ranges and parts of central region, especially around Lake Victoria.


The weather experts have however warned motorists to be wary of poor visibility resulting from heavy rain conditions which might cause accidents.

“All motorists and pedestrians are therefore encouraged to take utmost care to minimize accidents that may result from such weather conditions.”

The public has also been warned that weak bridges might be washed away by the heavy rains whereas members of the public have been warned against taking shelter under trees during rainfall.


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