Man Arrested for Dealing in Crocodile Skins


In a joint operation by the Uganda Police Force, Uganda Wildlife Authority, and Natural Resource Conservation Network, a man dealing in crocodile’s skin has been arrested. His stock has been seized.

According to reports, the suspect was found and arrested with three pieces of crocodile skins. This digital newspaper further understands that the suspect was residing in the home of late President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.

Obote Napoleon, 45, is also a peasant farmer. He was taken into custody by Ugandan Police after being found with crocodile skins.

“The arrest was made at the resident of former president which is located in Tetungu ward, Ayeolyec parish, Akokoro sub-county Apac district,” North Kyoga Regional Police has said.

A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the suspect is a nephew to the late President of Uganda, H.E. Milton Obote.

In his [verbal] statement Napoleon admitted guilt, adding, “I slaughtered the crocodiles and already ate the flesh.”

Furthermore, Obote is heard on a recorded audio explaining how he killed the crocodile, and how he plans to deliver the crocodile skin[s] to the buyers.

According to the country’s laws, anybody convicted of crimes related to species classified as “extinct” in the wild or critically endangered faces the highest penalty under Uganda’s Wildlife Act 2019, which is either a UGX20 million (approximately US$ 5.5-million) fine or life imprisonment, or both, depending on the circumstances of the crime.


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