Road Trip In Uganda – 6 Places To Visit With Family

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Are you planning a guided or planning to rent a car in Uganda for a self-drive Family road trip? 6 Must-see sights: There are a million reasons why Uganda is considered a favorite family travel destination. Tourists on Uganda safari have many family-friendly destinations worth visiting. Here are some of the top 6 family-friendly travel destinations in Uganda;


Kampala, located in central Uganda is a capital and a vibrant city- also best known as a city that never sleeps. When designing travel packages, nearly all safaris in Uganda start and end in Kampala. For unforgettable city tours in Uganda, Kampala should be a must-visit and you won’t regret taking a road trip.

There are plenty of family-friendly spots in and around Kampala. They include Ndere cultural center best for enjoying cultural performances, Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Baha’i temple, Gaddafi mosque, Uganda Museum, Buganda cultural trail, monuments, and others.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Located in Nakasongola- approximately 176kms North of Kampala, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a family-friendly destination in Uganda.  It is lying on the Kampala-Gulu highway and it is the only location to see rhinos in the wild. Visiting rhinos at Ziwa is possible on rhino tracking and in addition, there are also many other activities to engage in including canoe ride, shoebill trekking, nature walk, night walk, birding, and more.

Murchison Falls National Park

In extreme Northwestern Uganda lies a spectacular Murchison Falls National Park home to the world’s strongest waterfalls- Murchison Falls. Murchison Falls National Park is a premier wildlife travel destination and amazingly the largest park in Uganda. The park spreads covering 3840sq. km and housing up to 556 bird species, mammals such as hippos, elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, antelopes, primates like chimpanzees, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys; reptiles especially Nile crocodiles, and more.

Murchison Fall National Park is one of the incredible family destinations worth visiting in Uganda. Tourists on family road trips in Uganda have a lot of exciting activities to share including guided nature walks, game drives, birding, boat cruises on the Victoria Nile towards the base of the Murchison Falls and at the Delta; chimpanzee tracking, cultural visits or tours, hot air balloon safaris and more.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is home to 350 birds and several mammals making it one of the treasured wildlife safari destinations in Uganda. It is also the most accessible park from the heart of Kampala. The park is a rich habitat for wildlife such as impalas, elands, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, leopards, lions, jackals, giraffes, buffaloes, warthogs, and birds like shoebill stork to mention but a few. The activities to enjoy with your loved ones at Lake Mburo National Park are many including horseback riding, cycling, quad biking, game drives, nature walks, boat cruise, birding, and others.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is another special family-friendly destination, located in Western Uganda. Spreading on the land area of, Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to vast savanna plains, Crater Lakes, natural rainforests, wetlands,s and many more. It offers refuge to countless wildlife species including buffaloes, elephants, antelopes, birds, leopards, and lions (these include the tree climbing lions). On family road trips, the main activities to expect to engage in at Queen Elizabeth National Park include guided game drives, boat cruises, nature walks, crater lake tours, cultural safaris, birding, and more.

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is East Africa’s leading primate destination and hosts up to 13 primate species making it the primate capital of the world. The park is visited primarily for chimpanzee trekking, birding, nature walks, and others. The primates of Kibale include red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, l’hoest monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, pottos, bush babies, and others.


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