Mbarara Pharmacist Arrested Over Col. Muzoora death


Military intelligence officers on Thursday arrested a prominent Mbarara businessman and pharmacist in connection with Col. Edson Muzoora’s death.

Aggrey Byamukama, the director of Byamaka Pharmaceuticals and Serene Hotel in Mbarara town was picked by plain clothes intelligence officers from his hotel on Buremba Road.

“Yes, he was picked last week. We have been asking questions how Col. Muzoora died and the doctor seems to be having some information that can help with investigations,” said army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulaigye.

Police chief Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura said last week the Police would enlist the International Police (Interpol) to investigate the mystery surrounding Muzoora’s murder.

The arrest has, however, shocked family members and workers at both the hotel and pharmacy, who said they did not know why he was arrested.

They said the army had warned them against speaking to the press about the arrest. UPDF Second Division spokesperson Capt. Robert Kamara confirmed the arrest and revealed that he was being detained in an army barracks in Kampala.

“It is true we arrested him, but this is not the right time to tell the media the details of his arrest because it will jeopardise our investigations,” Kamara said.

Byamukama was in 2003 charged with treason after he was accused of supplying drugs to the People’s Redemption Army (PRA) rebels, which the Government alleges were commanded by renegade Lt. Col. Samson Mande, Lt. Col. Anthony Kyakabale and Muzoora.

Byamukama, who was then working with Buhinga Referral Hospital in Kabarole district, was, however, acquitted and concentrated on his private businesses.

Unidentified people last month dumped Muzoora’s body at his country home in Nyanga, Kyeigombe in Igara, Bushenyi district.

Muzoora, 53, joined the Uganda Liberation Army in 1979. He later joined the National Resistance Army in 1984, where he served in different capacities, before falling out with the Government.

Muzoora was on the wanted list of the suspected PRA founders, a rebel group which came into existence after the 2001 elections.

In 2002, he was recalled from Congo, where the UPDF was fighting the ADF rebels under the command of James Kazini. It is alleged that Muzoora had developed misunderstandings with Kazini and fled the country in 2003.

Who is Dr.Aggrey Byamukama

Byamukama, 51 hails from Kabale district and he is married to Doreen Byamukama, who works with him at Byamaka Pharmaceuticals at Serene Building in Mbarara.

They apparently have a home in Kinoni, Mbarara district on the Mbarara- Kabale road.

He is also erecting multi-million magnificent stractures at Nkokonjeru hill, Kumukuzi division in Mbarara town.

He is a calm gentleman and he is not in active politics, although some people connect him with opposition parties.

Byamukama is also Uganda’s country representative of a strong HIV/AIDS drug called Baariz, an antiviral and immunemodulator from a traditional herb supplement supplied by the governments of Japan and Pakistan to strengthen the immune system of the body which increases the CD4 count.


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