Breaking News: MP Abiriga Shot Dead by Unknown Gunmen


Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon Ibrahim Abiriga has been shot dead by yet unknown assailants in Kirinyabigo as he was going back to his home.

According to eye witnesses, the ‘yellow man’ was shot dead by assailants on a bodaboda who later fled away.

Hon Abiriga became popular to the public due to his enviable loyalty to the ruling party, National Resistance Movement that made him wear yellow allover his body wherever he has been out for public duties. He is one of those that strongly supported the amendment of the Presidential age limit bill under article 102 b of Uganda’s constitution last year in the famed ‘Togikwatako/ Gikwateko’ parliamentary saga.

mp abiriga shot deadUgandans will never forget him when he was sued by court after urinating on a road pavement in Kampala. From then, his name has been used often in slangs by Kampalanians to mean ‘peeing’ or urination.

As per now, we are still short of the details but we shall be updating you about the developments.


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