President Museveni Raises 10 Measures to Curb Crime


President Museveni raises 10 measures to curb crime.

1. Finger printing all guns in Uganda

2. Every motor vehicle and Boda Boda will have electronic number plates installed at the cost of the owner. We want electronic number plates with an electronic signal in them.

3.The Police has already banned the practice of people zooming along our roads with jacket hoods.

4. Installation of cameras

5.having a modern forensic laboratory

6. Speed of response. I have asked Police to revive the Police 999.

7. “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVS)

8. Using technology to quickly locate the criminals hiding behind social media.

9. Museveni says “we shall acquire new scanners for Uganda Revenue Authority to apprehend people smuggling illegal stuff such as weapons”.

10. ‘All criminals will pay for their sins’ Finally, the President says the last measure goes back to the army.


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