A True Ugandan

True Ugandan

Welcome to the to the Pearl of Africa good climate and physical features but also the funny jubilant people. The corona virus has put the nation at a test as well as the true Ugandan people. Being jubilant is the first way to identify a Ugandan. The party after party nation is well known for its ‘bar going’ people and always joyful no matter the situation even when the president closed the bars and public places the true Ugandans still found their way in.

When the situation was out of hand, people stocked for their homes. Despite the pandemic being very crucial , true Ugandans still make memes about it that keep the fun and ecstatic mode on with some handful believing it’s a mere cold. Not forgetting our president who can’t just stop cracking his stiff jokes that somewhat keep us entertained. Be Concerted..

During this pandemic era Ugandans have shown a great deal of solidarity regardless of political and religious affiliation this is what defines true Ugandans always ready to show unity. People have further grieved for Eddy Kenzo who happens to be stuck in Ivory Coast the spirit of brotherhoodness the people power fracas was put to hault.. Personally I didn’t not expect the taxi drivers to just listen to the presidential directive without causing a fuse but the spirit is clearly indicated on the national flag big ups to you.

True Ugandans are fault finding. Just after the president declaration on lockdown many rounds were seen asking the government for food for they were stuck wondering what they would eat in fact many came to think they would die of hunger before covid-19 the government acted swift and provided relief food including posho and beans to the places they thought needed help the most and before we knew it the true Ugandans were asking for charcoal.

Memes were already made and the people wanted the government to provide even cooking oil and other souls were still inquiring why it had to be only posho why not rice. In Kireka LC1 chairman gave people charcoal and the ungrateful Ugandans asked for gas… Very funny ornery ugandans. These traits will always be exhibited in a true Ugandan even when though they bleach , the black soul will always be constant! I love my country. For God And My Country.


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