I Have Better Ideas Than Museveni – Mao


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has said he has better ideas than President Yoweri Museveni.   Appearing on the Sunday Talk show on Radio West, Mao said Museveni was not the only person to lead the country.

“Ugandans should not think that President Museveni is the only person with a vision to run this country, I have better ideas.”   He promised to start a housing scheme for teachers, soldiers and the Police.   “Our plan is to equip teachers, soldiers and the Police with incentives because we don’t want family members of Government workers to suffer,” Mao said.  He also promised free lunch for every pupil under the universal primary education system.

“Museveni introduced free education but forgot to provide lunch for pupils and this has affected their performance. No pupil can concentrate on an empty stomach,” Mao added.  He said he would give farmers subsidies to grow maize and beans and have it stored at district level so as to provide more food.  Mao hailed Radio West for its programmes aimed at development, health and education which he said had benefitted the community.


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