Museveni: The Army Does Not Accommodate Killers


resident Yoweri Museveni said the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) does not accommodate killers; instead it emphasizes discipline, ideological righteousness and patriotism.

President Museveni at the Tarehe Sita celebrations in Buhweju district

“The force does not accommodate killers, those who rape women as well as those who loot people’s property among others,” Museveni said.

“If you kill civilians, we take you try you from where you committed the offence and execute you there,” he added.

Museveni said this at the Tarehe Sita celebrations which took place at St. Victoria Primary school- Katara in Buhweju district on Thursday.

The force marked 33 years by the attack on Kabamba barracks by the revolutionary forces of the National Resistance army on the 6th 0f February 1981.

The Tarehe Sita celebrations were marked under the theme “National consciousness and Pan-africanism is the cornerstone for Africa’s peace, stability and transformation.”

The President commended the UPDF on heeding founders’ guidance on discipline and clear ideology emphasizing that the country is on the verge of take off.

He said in the 28 years of the National Resistance Movement (NRM)stay in power a lot has been achieved but a few weaknesses existed in infrastructural development especially the roads and power generation.


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