National IDs To Be Used For Tax Collection, Curb Crime & Debt Defaulters


President Yoweri Museveni said the National Identity cards will be used in tax collection, stopping debt defaulters and controlling crime in the country.

Museveni said this during the Women’s Day celebrations in Kumi district where he briefed the congregation on the importance of the Identity Card Project.

He said this card will be difficult to forge (counterfeit) and will be reliable and easily traceable. These computerised IDs will consist of one’s facial picture, bio-data and a thumb-print.

“All this information will be linked with a central memory, which will be linked with the smaller computers at the Sub-County or the mobile ones,” President Museveni said.

He further explained on the use and importance of these identity cards.

“This system is very crucial for an accurate voters register, stopping debt defaulters from taking loans from multiple banks, stopping ghost Public Servants, handling pensions, stopping crime, tax collection (all tax payers and their businesses will be stored in the computer) etc,” Museveni added.

The President also assured the women present at the celebration in Kumi that “with this computerization, it will be easier to trace rapists by identifying their DNA from the semen they would have left in the victim, not to mention finger-prints.”

Meanwhile, different government departments have adopted the use of computerised IDs to capture the identities of Ugandan.

“These are: Uganda Bureau of Statistics; Uganda Registration Services Bureau; the Electoral Commission; the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration; and the National Information Technology Authority.”

I am glad they are now working together to produce an accurate, non-counterfeitable record of the Ugandans identity.

Museveni also revealed that the Internal Affairs Ministry, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima has assured him that by April, 15th 2014, their teams will be in the Parishes recording people’s identities.


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