Russians Eye Uganda’s Road Industry

Road Cnstruction in Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has endorsed Russian road constructors to open shop in Uganda.
UBC Online has learnt that Museveni held brief discussions with some Russian delegation during a recent African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The move is aimed at improving Uganda’s poor road network, which is often characterized by shoddy works and potholes.

Andrey Kozenyashev, the head of the external relations for Giprodorni, a Moscow based Road construction Company, confirmed the development.

“We are prepared to bring new technologies and quality to Uganda so that the roads can stand for decades,” he told UBC Online in an interview.

He noted that Uganda had the advantage of a good climate. “In Russia or other western countries, we have a problem of ice and snow, which eventually destroys infrastructure, but the roads still stay for decades. In this country, roads should ideally last for even more decades provided all procedures are adhered to during construction and maintenance. The city desperately needs wider roads because traffic jam is tough,” Kozenyashev said.

He further revealed that they would work with local road construction companies as well as employ local skilled Ugandans.

UBC Online has learnt that the companies are due to hold meetings with the ministry of works and the Kampala City Council Authority this week.


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