Big Birding Day 2013

Bwindi Birds

“The Big Birding Day” (BBD) is a special day when every person in Uganda is encouraged to go out birding in any part of the country, with the main aim of increasing awareness on the potential of birds to promote tourism in Uganda. This event also aims to promote domestic tourism, by involving Ugandans in such an exciting exercise.

The first BBD was organized in 2003 followed by the events in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. The BBD comprises of three events; the launch which is in form of a public lecture; the birding day, where we all go out for birding in the whole country in sites of our choice; and the big birding festival, which is the final day where we announce the results from the birding event.

This year the BBD events will take place as follows; the Launch at the Uganda Museum on 18th, Bird watching day all over the country on 19th and the Big Birding Festival in Kitante Primary School Gardens on 26th October. The sub-theme for this year is “Birding, Our livelihoods, Our economy”. This theme targets to promote birding as one of the leading source of livelihood for the country.
This communication is intended to invite you to be part of the Birding teams and also to attend the other BBD events.
You are requested to arrange for birding in a site of your choice on the birding day 19th October and let me know which site you have chosen. You need a team with at least two birders if possible and other interested participants for your site. Birding will be a 24hr exercise starting at midnight (19that 1201am) to midnight (20th at 1200am). Remember this is a competition for the longest bird species list recorded during the 24hrs.

The winners stand to win different prizes so you should be in that team.


You can register your BBD participation at NatureUganda or via the NatureUganda website or contact me on my addresses below or on

Looking forward to celebrating the birds of Uganda with you.


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