Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda


It’s hard to imagine how it feels to be with mountain gorillas for one hour in their wild jungle home. Is it your travel dream?, are you still wondering if the price will be reasonable?, just make a move of a fantastic gorilla trekking safari to Bwindi forest national park without considering the pricy gorilla permit fee and other associated safari essentials. A three day two nights gorilla tour offers really plenty of time to see everything without tiring though you travel with young kids. It’s a great family tour for those planning to move with kids and relatives.

The morning for the trek is tense because no one is sure when and where to find the mountain gorillas but the surprise come when you meet them in less than two hours though the estimated gorilla tracking time is 2-8 hours. Park rangers are too knowledgeable that they keep showing all attractive forest creatures and even give details a thing that keeps you busy and occupied to the time you find the giant apes. They do everything to ensure that you find gorillas as soon as possible by communicating with other rangers close to the gorilla family you chose to track that day. Remember, they monitor these apes for 24hrs every day.

One can chose to meet the gorillas over and over again for a number of times tracking different gorilla families depending on your budget and interest but one trek is allowed per day and eight people are allowed to meet a particular gorilla family for issues of conservation. If you book a private gorilla tour, you realize how Uganda travel experts care from the start to the end ensuring that everything is just fine even beyond your expectation. Gorilla tracking is a highlight of many Uganda safaris and it’s easy to book when using trip experts. However, those booking it for themselves, also find it easy because many backpack tourists make it for gorilla tracking on different days daily. Gorilla permits go for $600 dollars but Uganda offers discounted prices to travelers who chose to see endangered mountain gorillas, in April, May and November. This is the time when the country promotes gorilla tourism to all travelers. Even tour experts arrange many gorilla group safaris to Bwindi forest at less than $600 dollars giving chance to many tourists to engage in the trek.

Groups usually are made in groups of eight so that you can track a particular gorilla family as a team. It’s fun to track gorillas with friends and especially on cheap offers. After the trek you can decide whether to check out other national parks close to Bwindi forest or to proceed back to the city for your back home flights .There are many gorilla safari accommodations of all budgets and tourists make a choice depending on the price rates. Remember, the park has four sectors each with different gorilla families and you must confirm the sector of your trek before booking accommodation. If you want to go budget, Buhoma rest camp, friendly gorilla campsite, Nshongi gorilla camp, Wagtail eco lodge, Broadbill campsite, Gift of nature and many others are ready to make your stay outstanding. However, for if you budget is fine, tryout lodges like Gorilla forest camp, Mahogany springs, Buhoma lodge, Bakiga lodge, Gorilla safari lodge, Gorilla resort, Gorilla mist camp, Clouds lodge and many others.


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