Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) Recognized

UWEC Rhino

UGANDA Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) formerly known as Entebbe Zoo has been named as the best zoo in the East, Central and West African Region.

The zoo has also been appointed a coordinator for all zoos and aquariums in the East, Central and West African region under the umbrella zoo organization, the Pan African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA).

According to the Executive Director Uganda Wildlife Education Center James Musinguzi, Entebbe Zoo will be required to establish and popularize the international zoo operation standards.

“The selection of UWEC as the best zoo follows our excellent performance in the recently concluded international PAAZA Audit that was conducted by three renowned zoo auditors,” said Musinguzi.

Musinguzi identified the auditors as John Werth the Executive Director of the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria in South Africa, Katherine Visser a primate specialist from Johannesburg Zoo and Mark Howitt from South Africa.

In their Audit report, UWEC was found to be nestled within the natural surroundings of the forest, not only protecting the natural forest but the layout and placement of the enclosures.

The audit also commended UWEC for promotion, protection and inclusion of the natural occurring habitat under the theme “The display and promotion of Ugandan wildlife heritage”.

“The unique approach of having educators placed as guides at different enclosures for the purpose of informing and interacting with visitors about the different displays is complimentary. The educators (guides) are also in place to address the poor behavior of people, guiding them to respect wildlife,” highlighted the report.

The report also described UWEC as a beautiful setting with inviting enclosures to the tourists.

“The facility does promote Uganda and contributes greatly towards the education of all visitors and the conservation of Ugandan Wildlife” read the report.

The Audit carried out in March considered areas like management, documentation, visitor facilities including first aid, toilets, parking space, public and personnel safety.

Others areas of audit included animal facilities, feeding, hygiene, health, veterinary care, record keeping, animal contact and training, animal transactions, conservation among others.


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