Uganda Wildlife Authority Relocates Buyende Crocodiles

Buyende Crocodiles

Rangers from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) captured two problem crocodiles On 23rd October from the shores of Lake Kyoga in Namusita County Buyenda District.

These two crocodiles were captured from two separate landing sites Kakkoge-kikaaya and Kasozi each weighing about 250Kgs.

The team received a call from the residents who claimed that the reptiles had killed and disabled several people, including a 15 year old boy.

The local government in the area attributes this wave of attack to poor fishing practices that have led to over fishing and thus less food for the crocodiles. The local administration is in the process of sinking bore holes to provide water to the communities so that they avoid going to the lake to fetch water.  The captured reptiles were relocated to Buwama on Masaka road at a licensed crocodile farm belonging to Al-Emarat Investments Ltd. With the two brings the numbers of crocodiles delivered to the facility to 22. This year alone 5 crocodiles have been translocated to Al-Emarat Investments Ltd, this  includes the 800Kg reptile that was captured from a landing site on Dolwe Island.

Uganda Wildlife Authority urges members of the public to report problem animals and not to try capturing them because animal capture is a specialized skill that can only be done by trained personnel.


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