Exploring the Busoga Region

Kagulu Hill

The Busoga region is located in the eastern direction from Kampala capital approximately 80km/h. the region hubors one of the influential chiefdoms the Busoga chiefdom headed by Kyabazinga and the source of the most world stretched River Nile. The Busoga region is bordered by Buganda kingdom from the western separated by River Nile and Samia from south east and the Bugisu from the eastern and southern is surrounded by Lake Victoria.

Busoga tourism cluster is homespun of Jinja town one of the industrialized towns in Uganda and is well known east Africa’s capital of adventures with feature endowments special for tourism activities to adventurous tourists, culture lovers and simple leisure goers.

With sachets of adventure packages would not like to miss out to this destination, one needs more than enough time to exploit the regions potential and with a local guide takes you around the region to even less visited areas but desirable destinations to reach.

Where to go while in Busoga region

With variety of desirable tourism destinations and activities the regions contains several of them to satisfy any traveler’s desires and admiration. Choosing from below the excitement of your adventure in Uganda.

Source of the Nile River

John Hanning Speke was the first none black person to discover the source of the Nile following his arrival in the east African interior in 1862. This created concentration and attention across the world by many craving to trace root and reality of John Speke.

The source of the in Jinja just about 2 miles from Jinja town one of place not miss while in the region of Busoga. The panoramic view of the lake side and amazing boat cruise leading the source separating Lake Victoria and Nile reaching the source islands. The source is birders paradise with sighting of different bird species including king fish fisher, eagles, cranes, pied crew, Egyptian goose, egrets, and herons among others. Watching sun set at the source on the boat launch at the source is another experience.

At source you are welcomed by Mhatmagand’s monument, he vowed his dead body to be burned ashes be powered on the two world’s longest rivers including Nile the longest.

Kayakers and rafters like prince Williams of Great Britain at Itanda falls about 27km from Jinja town it’s a better destination

Following the Nile rewards with most thought of adventurous activities including Kayaking, White water rafting Bungee jumping, and zip lining all in the region along the Nile River.

White water rafting from grade to grade five for advancing rafters, this is done at the white waters of rough and speedy Nile water giving an opening to different adventure goers for both advanced and first timers. In the same way kayakers and canoeing progressing your safari experiences.

Zip lining at Itanda falls along the Nile River flying above the eco forest shouting as if one of the primate enjoying its nature. Bungee jumping from the raised tilted landscape at the banks of the Nile dropping and kissing the waters at the height of above 100m.

James Hannington memorial site

Hannington was an Anglican Bishop who had come to join rest of the missionaries who had arrived in Uganda earlier. Regrettably he came in a political religious harsh time during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga who was in war with colonialists wanting to regain his autonomous monarchy powers. When the Kabaka (king) had that a white man was coming from the eastern side Busoga the backdoor of Buganda and the king had to stop him from entering his land because whites were giving him wakeful nights. The king sent his soldiers who martyred Hannington at this point and this instigated the killing of the 45 Anglican and Catholic Christian still under the orders of the same Kabaka Mwanga.

Kyabazinga palace

At Igenge hill where the current residential palace of is located is an overview of the beauty scenery of Busoga topography. Visiting the palace and learn about the customs and norms of their culture can be a better alternative while at the region.

Budhumbula palace

This was the former palace for the kingdom, however, currently it’s a palace tombs where two kings/ chiefs (bakyabazinga) are buried.

Kagulu hill

Kangulu hill tourism site is just ready to offer hill hiking challenges to any person in place, the activity takes about 2 hours of hiking to the top hill and sloping back to the foothill. The hill is accompanied by several activities like night camping and narrations of the local tales of Busoga region.


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