How to Save on Uganda Car Hire


Car Hire has more laces than a corset, although it is easy to untie them effectively and also save money. Anyone who has hired cars before will agree that it is not easy and possibly learn lessons in the process. Having an understanding on the car hire pricing strategies is practical to finding some of the low cost tips by booking in advance.

After over two years of Covid-19, the economy is slowly recovering and key sectors including travel and tourism also picking up. As more visitors are opting for road trips, there is also increasing demand for car hire services. Go through some of the simple ways of saving on car hire in Uganda that include;

Book early to save on Car hire in Uganda

The number one tip on how to save on Car Hire in Uganda is by making bookings in advance as it might save you a few dollars or shillings. Even in the peak season, you will most likely save massively on Car Hire. It always becomes difficult for the Company to increase hire rates of a pre-booked Rental Car because of car change or even season. Booking the vehicle at least 1-3 months to arrival date is highly advised and will do a great deal in saving money in addition to avoiding the risk of missing on the car you wish for.

Car hire with excess insurance

In most cases when you hire a car, it will come with basic insurance coverage but some Companies will scare clients with the warning of “without our excess insurance coverage, you will pay handsomely for a simple scratch” One thing you need to learn is that basic insurance covers more than the vehicle itself hence don’t be intimidated. For this reason, you can opt for the extra policy from standalone excess insurance Company for a few dollars whereby in case of car damage, you pay the Rental Company and go ahead to claim the money from the excess insurance.

The Excess insurance charged by the operator will vary depending on the car type: egToyota Rav4 Land cruiser Prado TZ AND TX, Luxury jeeps, LX 7.0 Series, V8, GX, TXL land cruiser Excess insurance is US$2000

IMPORTANT: The excess charged by the operator in cases of single vehicle rollover is US$1500. In this case, we encourage you to avoid over speeding especially in Parks and non-tarmac roads. The hirer will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and pay the owner any excess in the event of the claim In case of an accident, we give you another car with a driver at a fee of US$40 per day if you want to continue with your trip. We don’t allow you drive again.

Avoid Airport Car pick-ups

As safe and convenient as it might be, picking the Rental Car from the Airport is quite costly, owing to the Airport surcharges that most of these Companies add. In most cases, these airport fees are standalone costs or even included to the final rental cost hence you have to be cautious before booking. It is also advisable to inquire from reservations if there are any extra costs for picking up the Rental vehicle from the Airport. The beauty about us is that you normally don’t add extra fees for dropping off the Rental Car at the Airport.

Come with your own child car seat or better still purchase one

Another clever way of save on car hire in Uganda is by bringing your own child car seat or buy one because most Rental Companies charge huge sums of money for the child car seat (sometimes between $10 and $20 per day).

Pay toll charges in cash if possible

You might need to use toll roads during your road trip but you will be required to pay between $1.5 and $5 per day to use the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway. To avoid incurring high costs, it is advisable to pay in cash if possible.

You spot a damage or scratch? Take a picture before driving off the parking area

Most Car rental companies emphasize conducting quick review on the Car you are planning to rent, then clearly indicate any existing scratches/damages. However, you might not cross all the T’s and Dot all the I’s during this examination but the obvious ones should be photographed to avoid being charges extra fees of something you are not responsible for.

Properly read booking terms and conditions, especially concerning cancellation fees

For clients planning to pre-pay, it is always important to read and understand cancellation policies because this could be a costly venture. Just like accommodation facilities, pre-payment for locked in conditions normally seem to save you a lot of money although changes in flight schedules, dates as well as cancellations due to sickness will most likely contribute to cancellation, reschedule or even modify your booking. Fees depend on the cancellation dates and sometimes even double if done within 24 hours of scheduled pick-up date.

Check the fuel policies

With the current high fuel prices, it is advisable to only pay for fuel that you are going to use. Always try as much as possible to avoid the “full-to-empty” fuel policy also known as “pre-purchase”. We sometimes advise our clients to opt or the full-to-full fuel policy where vehicles are picked and returned with full tank.


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