Nature Speaks Louder in Silence in Rooftop Tent

Rooftop Tent Rental

Experiencing nature in the rooftop tent is another special venture which has not prevailed for long in Africa but proved another tremendous style of experiencing wild. Off the motor sounds which you feed on in your modernized world, a night outdoor rooftop tent moment offer another world of real sounds of nature. At the silent moment when relaxed on the 4×4 rooftop tent in the wild is the perfect moment listening to the louder rhythms of nature.

Roars of lions, melodies of birds, and any kind of natural sound brightly manifest in the night hours. Nature sounds always are clattering each time and when want to counter these sounds a visit matters more. The humble nature is always awaits in a drifting mode with alternating offers.

Rooftop tent camping is midst the fantastic outdoor camping alternative which render the unrated taste of nature. Sleeping under the direct rain showers, the blowing winds of all nature, lightning and thunder soundings, imagine sleeping under the wild roars and all kinds of sound of nature expect for the unexpected is what one nature says when in the rooftop tent.

The rooftop camping is not a traditional venture in Africa like western continents, but a new invention of few decades but it gives the real taste of nature. And currently it’s really becoming a new kid on the block as far as traveling is concerned, the way travelers spot out the sense of sleeping on the car roof indicates how sweet this venture may taste.

Best Spots of Nature Loudly Speaking within Rooftop tent;

Public camping sites

These are set inside the national parks, it’s the most adventurous camping ground which in most cases are located within the middle of the wilderness. While organizing out your tent, its right at the sight and reach for all animals. But for everyone opting for this camping suggestion an armed ranger guide is ensured for the safety of traveler in case of a chaos in the wild. Preferably this suggestion places you for a night to sample how louder nature can continue to speak. Setting up your rooftop tent in the wildness, then the formal and normal calmness of nature calls for unprecedented sounds from the nearby bushes or the ramblers of the night hours which can either make an interesting moment for you or even create a terror hour of no rescue.

Campsites run by lodges

A number of lodges in wild or National Parks have got far to organize campsites for travelers who are interested much in experiencing the outdoor night on their 4×4 rooftop tents. This provision has saved a number of travelers from experiencing the other luxurious indoors which doesn’t reach their taste of nature. A night at these campsites starts at the fire place where everyone opens up for the night fire tales of which most of them are scary mos.

Camping at the lodge

Well some other lodges don’t have campsites but can provide camping space for travelers who would prefer setting out their nights at the ground. Need to have your Uganda car rental well parked and set out your rooftop tent for the night. Just know that a night at any campsite or lodges immediately calls for these awesome sounds with no sound barriers but nature remains near.

Capacity of a rooftop tent

As far as camping is concerned, ground and rooftop have largely prevailed on the African continent than the campervan camping. However, not like ground camping which can accommodate to mass, rooftop remains limited to capacity not exceeding 4 persons and the most common being the double tent (2 persons). Being the fact that even the vehicles that used for camping are SUVs with limited space, only favors capacity of 2 to 4 persons. Some vehicles can only accommodate 2 rooftop tent and others safari jeeps can avail space for 2 double rooftop tent.

Best vehicle fleets for rooftop tent camping  

Without campervans, safari customized jeeps are availing a tremendous opportunity for the rooftop tent camping. SUVs like the Nissan patrol, Land Rover defender, and land cruiser series of TX, TZ, GX, VX, V8 and the hardtop 78 series are perfect safari series which are customized for rooftop camping. The TX and TZ are mainly fit for the

Why should consider rooftop camping than lodge accommodation

The indoor accommodation is most loved for the comfort issues, and mainly loved by luxurious travelers but the case of rooftop tent camping goes for travelers who are always looking out for special encounters. For the adventurous opportunities, the tents are comfortable not like ground camping but also perfect when speaking to nature.


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