Is Uganda Safe for Tourist?


Safety in the tourism industry drives its development, security is a very sensitive organ which highly determines tourist flow to a certain tourist destination. It’s a challenging factor to most developing countries and mainly is determined by the dirty politics which is viral and trending.

Uganda is one of tourist safe destination in Africa, but people may be searching with questions like; is Uganda safe for foreigner? yes it’s safe. Following the political chaos that happened in 1970s that branded the pearl of Africa one of the unsafe places which was avoided around the world, it’s now history.  But surprisingly the western world people till now a certain population not yet updated about the current situation in Uganda, thinking leaders like Idi Amin Dada who left power now over 35 years’ age.

A lot of alarming news concerning safety and outbreaks gives a view on how the country is standing security wise.

However, disease outbreaks especially on African continent which include Ebola, cholera, swain flue fever, Crimean Congo fevers and many of these scares away, but Uganda for all years has been awarded the best country to fight chronicle disease outbreaks. Neighboring DR Congo which is suffering with the unending Ebola reproach and at the same time high volume of refugees moving from Congo to Uganda, surely Uganda has maintained the status of fighting against Ebola victims crossing from Congo and detecting every thereat.

The political atmosphere currently is at relief, after years of severe suffers especially in 1970s when the prominent Uganda’s and world recognized Dictator Idi Amin Dada greatly distorted Uganda’s politics arising several political rebel groups in the western and Northern Uganda. By then it wasn’t a deal deciding to travel in Uganda.

However, following his (Amin) downfall and the predecessor Obote, in 1986 a raised a new government whose priority was building a decent security forces and building a new country. This has succeeded through fighting and defeating all rebel organizations.

Tragedy surfaced Uganda when people who were watching 2010 world cup at Lugogo cricket oval and others at Kabalagala were both suburbs in Kampala were wrecked where many of the people lost their lives. This was claimed by Al shabaab, but this has happened in many more secured countries like UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany and others over the just past years.

The Kidnapping of the Kimberley Sue Endicott and her driver Malenge by armed men in army uniforms, who were later release under the effort of Uganda security forces this has created a questions especially by travelers opting to travel to Uganda. Questions like is Uganda safe? Are common but for years since 1986 Uganda has been a secure, safe and stable country for tourist and with least unsafety rate than most of the western countries.

Uganda Political status since independence

Commonly known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda received its independence from its colonial masters the British on 9th October 1962. Here King of Buganda Kingdom Sir Fredric Edward Mutesa II became the first president of Uganda but ceremonial. Milton Obote became the first prime minister who had executive powers.

Misunderstanding rose when president Mutesa wanted the parliament to impeach the prime minister out of power. But rather Obote organized the army led by Idi Amin Dada by then the army commander and attacked the president within his Palace at Mengo where the Mutesa was overthrew out power and fled to exile in England where he died in 1969.

The parliament of Uganda through the pigeon hall constitution declared Obote the new Executive president of Uganda in 1966. In January 1971 when Obote went for a common wealthy meeting (CHOGM) in Singapore he never came back instead his Army commander Idi Amin declared himself a president and telephoned Obote not to expect coming back to Uganda as a president rather as a civilian.

Amin’s regime in 1971 intensified the reign of terror in Uganda, all political activities were burned and the army empowered to shoot on body to any suspect of opposition. About 300,000 people are belived to bruateally lose their lives including the chief justice Ben Kiwanuka and the Arch Bishop Lumu of church of Uganda and people of the diplomatic class including professors, ministers, doctors and army men who would pose to threaten his regime were all shot dead.

In 1992 Amin expelled all Indians in Uganda over 70,000 Asian communities was given only 90 days to vacate the country to leave with nothing.

Obote settled in Tanzania where with help of Tanzanian army in 1979 overthrew Idi Amin. Then Tanzanian president blessed Yusufu Lule as the president of Uganda but again he started speaking against Nyerere and with pressure was in power for days and replace by Binaisa. Binaisa reign faced a lot of pressure and organized an election which commonly known as the rigged voted where Obote swept back to power in 1981. This time again Amin’s terror increased to manifest by Obote’s second chance.

In 1985 after the rigged elections Obote had organized rose the NRA rebel group with 27 determined group of young men who originated from western Uganda under the leadership of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the guerilla group which opposed to Obote’s tribally government started a war against Obote.

By late 1980’s new governance had surfaced in Uganda under NRA and Museveni become the president of Uganda. However, this never stopped rebel activities highly affected the Rwenzo region and Northern Uganda which included the ADF rebels who were defeated and hide in the forest of Democratic Republic of Congo and the LRA this much disturbed peace in Northern Uganda but currently were defeated and withdrew from Uganda.

The current situation in Uganda

The political situation in Uganda is at rest with a democratic governance under president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The government is run under three organs including the Executive, Judiciary and the legislature.

The domestic political status is not worrying still this is what happens alover the world in democratic countries where exchange of bitter words prevails between those in power and the opposition.

Since 2005 where the ADF rebels had surface areas of Rwenzor. There hasn’t been any other threatening security incident like that which happened in 2010 a bombing of people who were watching football at Lugogo cricket oval that left 74 dead.

The incident of Al-shabab rebels who made a merciless attack in Nairobi in a shopping malls in 2013 increased security alert in Uganda ordering security checks up at every mall in Uganda to ensure safety in the city.

In 2016 Uganda army attacked one of the cultural chiefdom western Uganda and stormed the palace into flames. This Omumbere palace was believed to be a hiding for rebels and over 40 armed men with pangs where killed, the government is increasing becoming security conscious to ensure safety of nationals and other travelers within the country.

Many other threatening incidences have over showed

Which part of Uganda is not safe to go?

Uganda is safe from all corners of the country, in case you wish for a safari adventure no need to worry about the safety politically and healthy wise. All this means that Uganda is safe to travel there, Uganda resident’s relations with travelers is very homophobic or see welcoming than in any other part of the world.

However, due to local inbound security threats that can happen any can indicate insecurity in the country. For instance, many countries are victims of this include the first world countries in American and Europe.

On November 11th 2001 at 8:45am tragedy altered in USA in New York when rebels severely bombed the world trade center. The shock happened not because America was not safe,

Four people were killed and five others wounded early on Sunday 6th October 2019 in a shooting at a Kansas City bar Washington in USA. On 26th October two people were killed and 12 others injured when a gunman opened fire at an off-campus college party in Texas around midnight on Saturday.

The above and other many gun violation crimes can’t indicate insecurity in USA but their uncontrollable incidences that can happen anywhere around the world.

Uganda is safe for tourist to do their safari adventures.




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