Infernos & Fires in Uganda: Possible Causes and Control

Uganda Infernos

Infernos and fires aren’t something new to our country. The ferocity of their damage and the impact inflicted on the community is just enough to let a wave of fear through the country as a whole. But the question is, what have we done about it? Seen cases of infernos of schools with plenty of lives lost, property destroyed with culprits but not brought to justice but what about the wild fires that grab our attention like an early morning thief. Cases of Bank of Africa, Ham shopping grounds and National Social Security Fund that have happened this year to mention but a few.

Let’s leave the part of police coming late to put out the fire, though we shouldn’t put it off completely because it’s also a concern but look at the precautions that we may have missed to cause the  fire outbreak. Let us be the first people to spot out the cause of the problem rather than being whistle blowers and part of the large crowd rioting against the slow and ineffective fire brigades.

Back then in school we were told to be our neighbors’ watcher but why would we leave such important values that mean most and scribble them off our minds and then carry around large volumes of information all to be deemed meaningless through being gushed to ashes in split seconds because we didn’t take the necessary action of responsibility and working hand in hand with a neighbor to solve a common goal.

Feeling pity for those affected wouldn’t be bad at all but let’s spread the message and because tomorrow around the block maybe your toil and sweat to rendered invisible in a snap of a finger because of lack of responsibility to do what’s right and take necessary action.

The form of responsibility am talking about is to lure out cases of illegal electricity connections which seem to be consuming most of the businesses around the country just to evade taxes forgetting you may suffer a greater loss than the electricity bill that looks to be very expensive since it can mean to be very costly. And then proper management of self-proprietor businesses especially related to usage of fire and too much heat and finally offering advice to those you realize are mismanaging such dangerous tools that can spark of a fire and also reporting to the concerned authorities starting from those that run that exact area in order to be aware of any issues that may arise.

Finally to the Police force, thank you for offering your services however, you need to clear the force off reckless and ineffective officers that cost your image and service delivery to the public respect and points because of their failure to report cases on time, also fail to carry out their duties to pursue real causes of fire outbreaks and also do little about them to reduce their impact.


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