Over 15 Cultural Associations Showcase Their Cultural Diversity


Every year different university in Uganda do cultural gala activities to celebrate the rich African cultural diversity.

One such event was at International University of East Africa with more than 10 cultural associations presenting their rich cultural heritage.

The IUEA vice chancellor Dr. Emeka Akaezuwanotes that the annual cultural gala is organized to appreciate the rich cultural diversity of different cultures on the African continent, this annual event however had taken 2 years without taking place due to covid 19.

From Baganda in central Uganda, to Somalis and south Sudan in the horn of Africa, one by one showcased their cultural heritage African beauty at its best, fine and agile waists, strewn with colorful beads vigorous choreography and smiling faces was a clear indication to show how proud people are to their culture.

After weeks of fervent preparations, curtains went down at International University of East Africa for the annual cultural gala with a representation of over 10 and above cultural associations showcasing their rich diverse


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