Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Gets New Board Members


The Uganda cabinet appointed a new board after 3 years of no leadership for the national broadcasting corporation Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). According to the information minister Hon Rose Namayanja, the board was approved by cabinet on Wednesday

Appointed as the chairman of this new board is Mr Igeme Nathan Nabeeta a former minister and Jinja Municipality MP, Mr Simon Kaheru a media and business analyst, who is currently the government’s communications advisor under Ministry of East African community affairs, Chairman of the ICT Association of Uganda, Senior Lecturer at EDMI institute under the PR and Journalism department, and an investigative journalist.

The corporation had not had a board after the suspension of Chris Katuramu in 2011 how was the board then due to financial indecency which lead to his arrest and other top managers who were said to have attempted to destroy incriminating evidence at the institution.

Hon Rose Namayanja told press that ”the term of office of the old board expired on December 1st 2013, and a new board has been approved by cabinet” on Thursday morning even if the investigation in the old board dragged on. The functions of the board is to formulate and review the corporation’s policy, approving annual budgets and action plans, appointment and disciplining of staff members among others.


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