Uganda to Revise its Wildlife Policy


Cabinet has resolved to review Uganda’s Wildlife Policy (WP) which was first formulated in 1994. The objective was to harmonize WP with related instruments like the National Environment Policy and the Wetland Policy and the Constitution, to enhance synergies.
Following consultations with key stakeholders like the academia, tour operators, civil society, communities in conservation areas and local leaders, Government has now adopted adjustments to the WP, to incorporate new aspects including;
(a) To provide for incentives that support private sector to invest more in wildlife development in Uganda.
(b) To guarantee safety for tourists by enhancing security in in national parks and game reserves, under the expanded anti-terror surveillance in Uganda.
(c) To increase resource allocation to the tourism sector, specifically for extending and improving infrastructure to, within and around tourism sites. This, it is envisaged will enhance competitiveness of Uganda’s tourism industry within and beyond the region.
(d) To reconcile the needs for wildlife conservation and human beings, particularly in areas that have been affected by insurgency and civil strife.
(e) To ensure that any infrastructural development within and around wildlife conservation areas does not compromise the support eco-systems for flora and fauna in the respective areas. For instance, any road passing through a

game park would only be built after a scientific study has cleared its viability and impact on the park.
(f) Any demands for land in national parks will not be entertained, except in very exceptional circumstances where survival of communities is involved as is the case with the Basongora and Batwa.


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